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For those who never got around in starting in drop-shipping in Etsy, this is a great opportunity for you to learn how to do it properly. This e-book will contain video tutorials, 17-page documentation on how to start your own store and sell products, the e-BOOK also includes all these HOT products-ready with examples that made sales, list of products that sells, how to warm-up your ETSY account, what to sell and much more. This will be an exact COPY / PASTE method that I used to make around $40K~ without doing little to no work with no marketing. All of it was just passive.

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This eBook is basically what I learned from the years I made selling on ETSY, years of researching products and finding what works and what doesn’t. All those years combined in one simple PDF. This e-Book is also straight to the point. It jumps straight on how to open up your store, how to get payments, trick and tips, what to evade, what products work etc. We also included 10 HOT products ready along with video tutorials to guide you more.

How to start dropshipping on Etsy (From A to Z)

Video tutorials to guide you more into it.

Learn how I sold products that costs me $2 – $3 and sold over $40K~ in profits.

Getting paid (Either in your bank, or by Payoneer)

10 HOT products you can start selling right away.

No marketing skills needed, we won’t be doing any marketing.

Tips and tricks on how to make more sales of your products!

Shipping, returns, how to ship to customers all explained!

How to add new products and listings.

How to find more HOT products easily that works.

Why this Drop-Shipping Method?

  • No marketing needed, no need to promote on social media or anything at all. Marketing is only needed if you want more traffic!
  • Copy & Paste the products I used to sell on ETSY that made me profit.
  • Newbie-Friendly. Don’t know nothing about drop-shipping? No worries! You can easily follow the guide.
  • 10 HOT product examples that you can start selling instantly that made me profit.
  • Little to no investment needed, only invest if you wish to grow more!
  • Passive income, no hard work is ever needed after setup.
  • Earning proof that made me over $40K~ with little to no work. I am handing it over to you!

⏩ My ETSY $40K~ Passive Income 2023 + HOT Products (Earning Proof) ⏪ Make Money | No Marketing | Easy $40K~ Guide | FOR NOOBS ✅

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