[BUY] Eric Z. Yang – Agency Virtual Summit

20+ Digital Agency Owners Sharing Proven Strategies & Systems to Scale Your Agency in 2020

Get behind the scenes of 30+ successful digital agencies who will show you the exact process & systems they use to successfully grow their business.

Agency Virtual Summit is the masterclass many experts wished they had when they first started – and the blueprint you need to build your digital agency in 2020.

Some great names also contributed:

  • Roland Fraiser
  • Tucker Max
  • Yanik Silver
  • Dan Martell
  • Aaron Ross
  • Andrew Kroeze
  • Mikael Dia
  • Jason Swenk
  • Zach Johnson
  • Sessions:

    Zion Kim & Dmitriy Kozlov – Co-Hosts of Agency Virtual Summit
  • Agency Success Hacks: The 7 Fundamental Pillars You Need to Build a Successful Agency

    Alex Charfen – Co-Founder & CEO of CHARFEN
  • Your Roadmap to Success: How to Set Ambitious but Realistic Goals, Pivot with Purpose and Fast Track Your Success

    Lee Goff – CEO & Founder of Marketing Agency Coach
  • Complete Agency Starter Kit: How to Communicate Your Unique Value, Avoid Costly Mistakes and Find a Rockstar Mentor When You’re Just Starting Out

    Danny Carlson – CEO of Kenji ROI, Host of Actualize Freedom Podcast
  • The Smartest Way to Start: Why Agencies Are the Safest Bet for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and How to Hit it Out of the Park on Your First Try

    Zach Johnson – Founder of Funnel Dash
  • Winning Facebook(TM) Ads Funnel: Your Complete Roadmap to Creating a High-converting, Low-cost Facebook(TM) Ad Funnel that Actually Works

    Jason Swenk – Agency Advisor and Creator
  • Lead Conversion 101: How to Turn “Nice to Meet You,” into “Let’s Do It!” Quickly and Ethically

    Mikael Dia – Agency Advisor and Creator Founder and CEO of Funnelytics
  • Client Acquisition Secrets: How to Get a Steady Stream of Clients and Scale Your Offers to Generate Results While You Sleep

    Rob Warner – Founder of InvisiblePPC
  • Outsourcing Success Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Subcontracting Your Services to Other Agencies (and Vice Versa)

    Eric Yang – Founder of Lead Next Gen, Virtual Summit Expert
  • Increase Your Influence and Impact: Leverage Today’s Hottest Lead Generation Model to Generate Massive Influence (Even if You Have Zero Audience)

    Andrew Kroeze – CEO/Founder of Tribe of Buyers
  • Facebook(TM) Group Fortune: How to Leverage Facebook(TM) Groups to Generate Brand Awareness, Produce Profitable Leads and Turn Them into Lifelong Customers

    Larry Yu – Founder of High-Converting Ads
  • Dream Client Conversion: How to Find, Connect and Convert Your Dream Clients

    Jennifer Hudye – Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.
  • Lean Mean Conversion Machine: The Email Systems and scripts You Need to Land More High Quality Clients and Close More Premium Packages

    Aaron Ross – Author & Co-CEO of PredictableRevenue.com
  • Billion Dollar Breakthrough: The Exact Process Aaron Uses to Create Predictable and Scalable Results for Agencies Bringing in $1B+ in Revenue

    Bryan Dulaney – CEO of Perfect Funnel System
  • Get Paid to Think: How to Comfortably Command Premium Prices as a Highly Valued Expert and Strategist

    Tom Nguyen – Former Fortune 500 Business Consultant
  • B2B Psychology: Watch Your Conversions Skyrocket When You Create Proposals that Match Your Client’s Unique Personality, Decision Making Process and Communication style

    Roland Frasier – CEO of War Room Mastermind, Co-Founder of Native Commerce, Principal at Digital Marketer
  • Scale to Sell: How to Position Your Agency As a Total No-brainer to Potential Buyers

    Joey Coleman – Author of Never Lose a Customer Again
  • 100 Day Pay-off: How to Create a Signature Client Experience that Sets You Apart, Inspires Client Loyalty and Leads to Rave Reviews and Referrals

    Oren Klaff – Author of Pitch Anything and Flip the script
  • Proposal Disposal: Why You Should Ditch Your Proposal and How to Leverage a New, More Powerful Method Instead

    Roger Hamilton – Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and creator of GeniusU
  • Maximize Your Team’s Productivity: How to Build and Manage an All-Star Team that Runs Like a Well Oiled Machine With or Without Your Day-to-day Involvement

    Cameron Herold – Founder of COO Alliance
  • Pipe Dream to Reality: Leverage the 4 Cornerstones of Thriving Businesses to Create the Agency of Your Dreams

    Joshua Bretag – Founder of Cubatica
  • Agency Hiring Hacks: How and When to Hire, Build and Scale Your Agency Dream Team (without Breaking the Bank on Payroll)

    Bella Ann Verita – CEO of Align Sales
  • Sales Team Secrets: How to Hire, Build and Scale a Superstar Sales Team that Generates Consistent Results Easily and Ethically

    James Kemp – Founder of Impact HQ
  • Scalable IP: Turn Your IP into a Scalable, Passive Machine that Consistently Converts and Delivers High-Value Content withOUT Your Day-to-day Involvement

    Dan Martell – Founder of SaaS Academy
  • Scale Your Service: How to Turn Your Service-Based Agency into a Profitable SaaS that Sells Like Hotcakes

    Tucker Max – Co-Founder of Scribe Media
  • C-E-O You Later: How to Successfully and Seamlessly Hand Your Agency Over to a CEO You’ve Vetted and Trust

    Yanik Silver – Founder of Maverick1000, Author of Evolved Enterprise
  • Maximize Impact and Income: The Step-by-step Process Modern Successful Agencies Use to Dramatically Increase their Results and Impact

    Hayden & Jessica Power – CEO, COO & Founders of PSM
  • Pinpoint and Package Your Expertise: How to Carve Out a Sizable Corner of the Market, Dominate the Competition and Charge What You’re Actually Worth