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Amazing New Course Reveals…

“Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery”
How To Easily Get Your Prospects To Convince Themselves To Buy And Add Big Dollars To Your Bottom Line!

From the desk of Paul Ross

Dear Student who is ready to suggest, serve, and sell your way to gobs of delicious, yummy dollars:

If you are in any kind of sales at all – or are just highly interested in enjoying virtually Jedi levels of neuro-linguistic influence and control over others – then this could be the most important message you will ever have read.

Here’s why:

As you know, I’ve been studying, teaching, and using the power of subtle language to influence, persuade, sell, and change others for over 30 years.

But what you probably don’t know is that for the last year and a half, I’ve been working day and night to put together a course that reveals the most advanced and power methods only myself and my VIP students know to…

Sell Like Hell, Make A Bundle, And Cackle To Yourself At How Easy It Is!

Listen: it doesn’t matter whether you immediately recognize that you are a professional sales person, or easily become aware that you are always selling whenever you communicate.

And it certainly isn’t important for a person to quickly realize, the one who shapes the conversation is the one that…

Powerfully Directs The Decision And Irresistibly Drives The Action Toward The Results YOU Want!

In short, the person with the best words, wins the discussion, the dough, and yes – the glory.

Okay – enough with the wind-up!

Here’s what you gain from this “Subtle Subconscious Selling Mastery” training spread across eleven structured, never-before-seen, power-packed modules:

Part #1:
The Subtle Art Of Superior Mindset

As you know, when it comes to personal change, overcoming fear, and reprogramming minds for success, I am the undisputed champion.

After all, as I’m sure you realize, I’ve been helping tens of thousands over a 30-year career to resolve a myriad of unconscious blocks and barriers in one of the most difficult areas of life imaginable.

In this section of the course, I am, for the first time ever, bringing together the best what I know, mapped over and trance-lated into the world of selling, so you can get out of your own way, dump any stuck patterns, and…

Bring Your Full Unblocked Potential And Power To Your Selling So You Show Up Congruent, Aligned, And Ready To Win!

Now, once you are fully out of your own way, it’s time to learn the hidden principles of subtle selling: the deep magic that powers the techniques and tactics.

Yes, I confess: for sure, you can just memorize and use the multiple words and phrases I’ll clearly reveal in the later modules and easily close sale after sale and make your colleagues plead to teach them.

But it will multiply and magnify your money-making mastery as you learn:

The Fallacy of Self-Help – why we don’t see tens of millions of skinny, rich millionaires madly in love with their ideal soulmates
Universal Laws of the Mind that reveal what’s going on in your mind, as well as your prospect’s mind – and how to use that power to your advantage
The Vicious Cycle of Ineffective Behavior and how this process has kept you stuck in a loop – I’ll show you how to stop “musterbating” and “shoulding” on yourself
A Powerful Three-Word Phrase that stops the vicious cycle of “can’t”, “always”, and “never” questions that keep reinforcing your blocks and barriers
The Secret Sauce Of Subtle Sales Mindset you create by using a unique recipe consisting of adjectives and adverbs you already know

Now let’s dive into the next part of your Subtle Sales training…

Part #2:
How To Use Commands, Suggestions, And Presuppositions To Create An Eager Buying frame Within the First 3-5 Minutes Of Conversation

Here’s where you learn the building blocks that will enable you to immediately begin to capture and lead the imagination and emotions of your soon-to-be eager client, customer, or buyer.

You will discover:

6 Subtle Selling Principles – here’s the first one: you are never selling your product or service, you are always selling decisions and good feelings about decisions (MIND. BLOWN.)
Commands and Suggestions, The Building Blocks of Subtle Selling – use these small language shifts to move your prospect toward their decision to buy from you, including how to “stack” them for maximum effect
The Power of Presuppositions – a key principle that reframes your approach, your mindset, and your conversation with your prospect
Lots of Word-For-Word Examples that give you an unfair-advantage running start on incorporating these tactics into your everyday power of influence and persuasion
That’s right!

This section (along with Parts #3 and #4, which I’m about to show you) includes several word-for-word “mini-scripts” that you can use in a “turnkey” way to immediately create those all important mental states of trust, focus and, in many cases, an almost childlike eagerness to believe you.

Now let’s move on to the next section:

Part #3:
How To Double Or Triple The Effectiveness And Bottom-Line Results Of Your Sales Presentations

I don’t care if it’s from the stage to large groups, small break-out sessions, sales videos, or face-to face-and nose-to-nose with your prospects.

In this section I’ll show you:

Total Mastery of Presentation Tools (including 3 I gurantee your competition doesn’t know) that will, building on the earlier sections and the Presuppositions module, trance-form your prospects to eager buyers
A Simple, Word-For-Word Phrase you can use to re-orient your prospects in time, so they imagine already having bought from you
How to Create Irresistible Buying Momentum by inserting three simple words into your conversation with your prospects

Now let’s move to my favorite (and most fun) part of your training:

Part #4:
The Subtle Art Of Smashing objections

Heres where we really “go to town” with an elite collection of super-powerful (and fun to use) not-seen-before methods that will annihilate objections and add big dollars to your bottom line.

Each of these objection-smashing modules comes with multiple and detailed word-for-word scripts that put you back in the driver’s seat as you quickly collect the commission check, charge the credit card, or acquire that big-money account.

These include:

The Power Of The Pattern Interrupt And 3 Fundamental Axioms – use this deeper understanding of prospect objections and help them say “YES” to your offer
Counter-Examples And Meaning Reframes – the power of being artfully vague to help your prospect see themselves benefitting through a new frame
Agreement frames And “Compare And Contrast” – subtle shifts in phraseology and viewpoints that put you and your prospect on the same page
The “Of Course” Method And Artful Confusion – these gently and subtly move your prospect away from their objections and toward your offer

“Ok Paul, You’ve Got Me All Excited… How Do I Know This Comprehensive, Power-Packed Training Is For Me?”

Fair question, so here’s my answer:

You are in any kind of sales and you recognize you want the cutting edge “mad scientist” solutions only I can provide
You need to up your “inner sales game” so you find yourself confidently calling on the big money accounts
You are a “junkie” for my teachings and want to see the very best of my “street fight” NLP methods for influence, persuasion, and mental programming of others
You want to double or triple the results from your online videos, sales copy, or other platforms
You want to turn your selling from the stage into a “cash cow” and leave your competition scratching their heads in confusion on how you are doing it
You have, or lead, a team that needs these “can’t-be-found-anywhere-else methods!

“That’s ME, Paul. I’m Drooling To CLAIM MY INSTANT ACCESS… But Tell Me….What’s It Going To Set Me Back In Bucks?”

Well, first of all, I don’t think it will set you back, at all.

The core, key skills I teach in these videos will not only super-charge your influence, persuasion, and sales success, but unless you are totally brain-dead you should easily be able to use them to earn at least triple the money you are making when you apply them to your work, your business, and your everyday life.

So, if you could view it in that manner, these videos are a money-making investment.

So if I could charge $1,000 for these videos and get away with it, believe me I’d do it, because I realize this course is worth that and more!

However, since I realize very few would be wise enough to make that large an investment, I’m going to let you steal it for just $397 (a great deal!)

(Financing plan is also available, if the reason you’re here is you need the skills to stack those dollar bills.)

That’s NOT A Misprint. You Read That Right.

Why am I making this such a great value for so little money?

I honestly believe, in my 30+ year career, this is my absolute 100% most organized, structured, and best summation of not only everything I’ve learned on this subject, but the latest stuff I’ve been using but never taught to others, up until now.
Having maximum impact on as many lives a possible is my top value, so I want as many of you as possible to get in on this.
This is a bit embarrassing, but EGO. I want to shake up the world of sales and make everyone else obsolete to the point where they try to copy me, but find I can create faster than they can duplicate.
Now listen: let’s very conservatively assume you use just a fraction of what is in this amazing training and put an extra $5,000 per year in your pocket.

Assuming you’ll be selling for the next 10 years, that’s an additional…

$50,000 In Your Pocket

Compared to that, $397 is chump change.

And when you take into consideration I am offering you a 3-payment option, your decision to grab this training for yourself is virtually a “no-brainer”.

Wait… You Meed MORE Convincing?!?

Now, before I rush you to the front of the secure checkout line so you can start watching these Subtle Sales Mastery videos inside our secure members’ site right away, let’s take a moment to make sure you’re aware of these special DELUXE bonuses.

IMPORTANT: These will only be included bonuses during the introductory launch period, for the next few days – after that, they become PAID upgrades (or will no longer be available at all).

Here they are:

Special Half-Day VIP Subtle Sales Training In San Diego –
Event Will Be Recorded ($997 value)

Here is your first chance in five years to see and experience training with me LIVE on how to be a master of influence and persuasion, sell like hell, and make a bundle of money.

You will gain live guidance, instruction, and tips on your individual situation, and pick my brain with your questions pertaining to your business and your situation.

This incredible event will be held in beautiful San Diego, most likely in early March (exact date and location TBA and will be announced within two weeks from now).

Unlocking the vault for yourself now means you will gain one (1) free ticket to this event.

And in case you can’t attend, this event will be filmed and the footage added to your Secrets of Subtle Sales Mastery vault after the event is over.

(Important: either way, the only way to get the footage is to claim your access to this course today!)

Subtle Sales Mastery LIVE Webinar Series ($297 value)

Several of the smart people who have already invested in this program, as well as those who have written to us with questions as part of making the best decision for yourself, have asked if this comes with the opportunity to learn from me live.

The answer is “YES” and I’ve added three live webinars, which will take place next week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

All will be recorded and added to your Secrets of Subtle Sales Mastery vault, if for whatever reason you can’t attend all three, so do not allow any questions to pause you from claiming your instant access now.

Together, we will explore:

Special Sales Success Mind Programming – this expands upon the “Subtle Sales Inner Game Trance” that is Bonus #3 (below), and creates a new mindframe through which you will increase your success at-will
How To Use Vague Proccess Language – this melds together, in the way that makes the most sense for you personally, the Secrets of Subtle Sales Mastery and the Subtle Words That Sell principles in a new way that gets your prospects to convince themselves to buy – on YOUR terms
Special Q&A “Laser Focus” Session – bring the questions that naturally are coming up for you as you explore the course modules and add turbo rocket-fuel to your Subtle Sales success, with my help
(IMPORTANT: the only way to get your invitation to attend these sessions LIVE is to claim your access during the initial launch window. After that, you’ll still get the recordings, but you’ll pay more for them as they’ll be an upgrade. Why wait? Join us LIVE.)

Subtle Sales Inner Game Trance ($197 value)

Here is where I take you through a powerful, yet passive listening hypnotic journey to program and prepare your deeper mind for total sales success.

Just sit back, relax, and allow me to install the beliefs and attitudes you need to be a sales champion, no matter what your past or current level of success.

This is 30+ years of skill as a “Jedi” level hypnotist put in your service in a passive listen session that requires no work on your part.

(Warning: this is an audio and will induce a deep trance, so do not listen while driving or operating any heavy machinery!)

Subtle Secrets Of Super Rapport ($297 value)

In this shocking training, I’ll be revealing real-world, down-to-the-ground rapport secrets you can use in any situation, across any platform.

Forget the theory and nonsense you learn in seminar rooms where people self-select for things to work.

This is proven, field-tested, money-making stuff.

You’ll learn:

3 Advanced Rapport Secrets that integrate the concepts we share in the 11 modules of the primary course into real-world situations and show you how to make massive improvements, sometimes by inserting one additional word
How to Use the Christopher Columbus metaphor to set aside any limitations on Earth and draw your own map to subtle sales success
How to Change the “Cold Call” metaphor that bridges from an old way of understanding the world to a new, more empowering way
How to Handle Nasty Prospects by using Milton Erickson’s “Mental Reset” method to “Spock” your angry prospect
Subtle Words For Super Sales ($297 value)

In this power-packed video you’ll learn 10 words and phrases that you can easily insert into virtually any existing script or pitch and super-charge their effectiveness.

This is the same presentation I deliver on stages and in corporate training rooms around the country!

You will learn:

Key Principles of Subtle Selling that will allow you to instantly by-pass the conscious processing of your prospects and trigger their unconscious decisions to buy (and feel great about it!)
The One Mistake You Must Avoid at all costs if ever you want to be a super-salesperson
The 10 Subtle Words and Phrases that are easy, fun, and guaranteed to turbo-charge your bottom line sales results

Again, these will only be included bonuses for the next few days, until the end of the introductory launch window.

After that, they become a PAID upgrade (and the opportunity to attend the webinars in Bonus #2 LIVE goes away – you’ll only get the recordings).




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