[FREE DOWNLOAD] Chris Svorcik – ECS.SWAT (Simple Wave Analysis and Trading)

Hello Traders

Hi traders, I’ve been practicing technical analysis and education for over 10 years now. I’m particularly fond of price patterns and wave patterns because it helps me understand the price charts and expected price movement in great and fine detail.
My favorite tools: Moving Averages, Fibonacci Levels, Fractals, ecs.WIZZ and all of the SWAT tools

With SWAT you’ll get
Simple methods & tools
Reliable rule based and discretionary based solution.

Multiple rules based systems, plus five wave trading systems (3 with trend and 2 counter-trend) and dozens discretionary approaches.
Wizz target levels
Spot the wide open spaces on the chart that most traders can only dream of.

Quickly find the best spots for trend trading, while receiving alerts if the the market are still consolidating with the help of Fibonacci sequence levels.

The Wizz levels offer reliable targets for exiting trades and practical confluence with other SWAT tools. The quote “let your winners run and cut your losses short” is famous but very few trading experts explain how to implement this tip in real trading and on live charts. Wizz does an excellent job of letting winners run as much as they can and we make sure you understand it in seconds.
Risk management
Risk and trade management setups:

Risk management: tackle risks as a grown up
Trade management plan: exit trades on time
Money management: understand risk to reward ration (R:R) and the art of take profits and stop losses

SWAT indicator & templates
Lifetime access to our world class indicators and templates.

Multiple custom designed SWAT tools and indicators for improving strategy odds and making better analysis, including:

Color coded candles and momentum arrows for simplified entries.
CS-DOTS indicator for filtering out failing setups.
Access to three dashboards.
Using the best levels for stop loss.

There are no hidden costs, added costs or upgrades, nor will they ever be added. You will retain a personal lifetime access to all of the material including, videos, indicators, templates and full support from Chris Svorcik and EliteCurrenSea team.
Live trading
Temporary access to ecs.SWAT live trading sessions:

To cement the knowledge, you’ll have the access to live trading either via complimentary access to ecs.LIVE or broader scope weekly live trading sessions – the best place and time to engage with Chris and the rest of the class


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