Geoff Ronnings – Modern Stage Hypnosis Course Free Download

Imagine Right Now.
How it would be to hypnotize anyone, easily
How it would be to drop a whole group of people into trance without concern or stress
How it would feel if someone invited you to perform your stage hypnosis show
Think about hearing the sound of the applause.

Noticing the audience laughing hysterically.

Realize how good you feel depositing a nice check into your bank account for doing something you enjoy.

Feeling proud having done a hot show that people rave about.

You can get all of the above and more with the Ronning Modern Stage Hypnosis Home Certification Training Course!

Here is what you learn in this Training:

The top five reasons most stage hypnotists fail to reach high levels of success (avoid these and watch your bank account and success rise)
The two minds (the conscious and subconscious, their value, their use and how to exploit them to drop people into hypnosis fast during live shows)

Brain wave activity (the four types and what it means to you)

Signs of trance state (identifying your subject trance signs will make your job easy)

The Ronning Foundational Core (you will not hear this from anyone else and when you learn this, you will be a profit machine and an awesome stage hypnotist!)

How to powerfully connect with your stage hypnosis participants (this component will turn on your confidence!)

How to determine your participants depth of trance in a show setting (never choose the wrong person for a skit again)

Powerful persuasive communication tools (crank up your power and exert it at will to get your volunteers to do as you desire!)

In addition you learn.

The absolute most important thing you need to be a successful stage hypnotist! (most people don’t get this and I have never seen it anywhere else!)

EKG Induction – You’ll learn our AWESOME hybrid, fast induction technique (you will drop ’em like flies with this explosive induction – I’ve hypnotized over 15,000 people with it!

Geoff Ronnings – Modern Stage Hypnosis Course Free Download