[GET] Gumroad – Lettering Library Mega Bundle PDF Free Download

Achieve a deep and rich knowledge of lettering, sign painting, and typography with the Lettering Library.
This collection of 125 rare lettering books was acquired by lettering artist and graphic designer Jason Carne over many years of searching auction sites, antique shops, and word-of-mouth from fellow artists.
The result is a library of books that cost over $10,000 to build and contains books on a vast array of lettering related subjects including:

  • Hand lettering
  • Sign painting
  • Type design
  • Typesetting
  • Printing
  • And much, much more

Jason has made this collection of books available as PDF files meticulously photographed to preserve these rare books.
Grab yourself a glass of bourbon, your favorite notebook, and open up any of the 125 PDF books in the Lettering Library and immerse yourself in the history and secrets of lettering.
Photographed. Not Scanned.

The Lettering Library is a gigantic download. 4.7 GB to be precise.
This is largely because each book has been carefully photographed, not scanned, so the books don’t get damaged.
If you love lettering you get it. You understand why these books have been photographed.
If you’re looking for scanned books to save on file size or so you can drop them in Adobe Illustrator and live trace the letters, this isn’t for you.
“I bought it within 5 seconds of seeing it (which is faster than I make impulse buys in the chips section of the grocery store). Treat yo self to this invaluable resource OR boyfriends/girlfriends of letterers: buy this for your type-obsessed significant other and win holiday gift giving for life.”

Gumroad – Lettering Library Mega Bundle PDF Free Download