[FREE DOWNLOAD] Mike Rubini – Reverse Engineering Through Technical Scraping

What You Get:

  1. Collect, transform and use third-party data to get a competitive advantage
  2. Improve operations centralizing data
  3. Data is all over the places. Most likely, your team uses an increasing number of tools to get their job done. Scraping allows you to put it in one central location, even when APIs are not available.
  4. Improve your product
  5. Take unique data sets to improve your product and build new features.
  6. Improve your marketing
  7. Data collection is a key part of technical marketing. Get leads exploiting alternative sources.
  8. Rather than teach you with whiteboards, in the course I show you how I would approach collecting different sets of data in different situations.
  9. That’s why this course uses the concept of deep dives: I’m going in with you, raw & unplanned, to teach you where to look for data and how to extract it.
  10. I’ve recently finished your course and I found it pure gold.
  11. It has helped me a lot cause I don’t have much experience in coding.
  12. Thank you in advance, to be honest with you I was skeptical before buying the course cause I found it a bit pricey but now after seeing what it had offered me I mean, it’s a real deal.
  13. George Gazanis, student from Greece

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Mike Rubini – Reverse Engineering Through Technical Scraping

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