[GROUP BUY] Peter Van Zijl – The Ecom Authority Sites System 2020

Buyer Intent Traffic:
Sell People What They Already Are About To Buy

Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing ecommerce business…

Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to put your products in front of people who already want to buy.

And almost guarantee that every product you launch becomes a winner.

You’ll quickly build a reliable online business that brings in sales on autopilot

One that works even if you completely turn your Facebook ads off.

No more being a slave to the newsfeed.

You’ll make more by working smarter…and free up your time to do what you want to do…

Spend time with your family.

Do what you want…when you want to.

Completely eliminate inconsistency and bring in reliable, steady sales every single day.

You can earn $2+ for every organic visitor that hits your site

Just by tapping into buyer intent traffic.

And even better..

You can use Google Shopping to get those products in front of people in minutes…

…and validate your idea before putting any effort into SEO.

You’ll use Google Shopping for quick sales…

And Google organic listings for ongoing, long term sales.

Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Ecom Authority Site

Every day, millions of shoppers go to Google to buy something.

They type in what they’re looking to buy…

Paid and organic results appear…

They click on one of them…

…and if the product hits the spot, they buy.

They’ve solved their problem.

And what happens is – each time someone searches for something Google basically ‘counts’ that search,

That number isn’t 100% accurate.

But its a good guideline.

Now, what you can do is use that guideline and find keywords (search terms people are using to find what they want to buy) and build your products around those.

These are products you never have to touch…and you never have to hold inventory.

Peter Van Zijl – The Ecom Authority Sites System 2020