Stefan Djordjevic – Mini Startups Course [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The course is taught by Stefan Djordjevic, founder of @ Martian and former UX designer @ Apple / Project Analyst @ NASA.
Learn to start small tech companies from scratch
Our curriculum helps entrepreneurs launch simple and profitable startups.
It’s like getting a degree in business, marketing, law, and UI / UX at the same time.
I. UI / UX design module
Learn how to design application interfaces on the fly. No programming required!
II. Business module
Learn to set up shell companies, sign contracts, and close deals as a CEO.
Topics that are not taught in school.
III. Legal module
Get access to the same legal documents professionals use, such as nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property agreements, royalty contracts and more.
IV. Growth Hacking
Master topics such as guerrilla marketing, game theory, and human motivation.