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A few years ago T. Harv Eker had a fantastic dream. He was little more than an aspiring trainer at the time and his dream was to create a single event that would revolutionize the Human Potential Movement.

Harv’s dream stands as a shining example of the value of thinking beyond your perceived limitations. At the time he was a tremendously successful entrepreneur and consultant, however, his feet were barely wet in the field of Human Potential!

Harv’s dream was to be in a position to pull all of the top thinkers of our time into one place, at one time, and bring thousands of eager students to experience an unparalleled transformational process.

It is now just a few short years later and T. Harv Eker, as CEO of Peak Potentials Training and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, has reached the pinnacle of the industry and, for over two years, the entire staff at Peak Potentials Training have been working around the clock to make Harv’s dream a reality.

The result: Seminar of the Century!

Seminar of the Century is the culmination of all of T. Harv Eker’s work and sacrifice on his way to the top. His dream was to provide the most informative, motivational, transformational event ever put together. This event is a celebration of life and is a tremendous reward to Harv’s loyal friends and students.

The event will be set outdoors in the beautiful mountains near Aspen, Co. Thousands and thousands will be in attendance and, if at all possible, you should find a way to be there as well.

The line-up to date includes:

Buzz Aldrin
Jack Canfield
Bob Proctor
Art Linkletter
Alan Cohen

And of course, T. Harv Eker himself. There are many other brilliant speakers, trainers, and entertainers…some of the largest names will be kept under our collective hat until the event

PS: This event is being dubbed the ‘Woodstock for the Mind’ by everyone who knows the top-secret details of the course. In keeping with that theme, Seminar of the Century will also include several huge musical names to make this a truly memorable event.

The event will be set outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the beauty, the energy, the music, and the course material will all combine to create the most transformational experience this century.

T. Harv Eker – Seminar Of The Century Free Download